Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Savoring life and food: Seattle food bloggers

Such a lovely experience to work with these beautiful and savvy women for the Food Blogger story in Seattle Woman Magazine for the April 2011 issue.
We did the covershoot at Jessie Oleson's gallery store CakeSpy on Capital Hill. Jessie swung tirelessly her brush again and again until it expressed just the right amount of ease and boldness. She also provided the delicious drawings of the flying cupcakes. Is that paradise ??  (Of course, the question to ask: Does Jessie ever eat any cupcake herself? As graceful as she is)  
Molly Wizenburg, Shauna Ahern and Keren Brown were photographed at The Landing, a beautiful event space near University Village. Thanks so much to Peter at the Landing for letting us use his space with the beautiful light as a backdrop.

A big Thank You also to Keren Brown of Foodportunity.com for bringing everybody together and organizing the space.
One of the next events that Keren organized will be on June 13th at Tom Douglas Palace Kitchen. It sounds wonderful and I am very tempted to attend that party...Keren will be also part of Kim Rickets Book Events on June 20th at the Palace Ballroom: "What we talk about when we talk about food."

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