Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Melody Biringer - Craving Success

Photography by Ingrid Pape-Sheldon © 2011
Last spring I had the pleasure to photograph the fabulous Melody Biringer of CRAVE Company for SeattleWoman Magazine. Initially my meeting with her was planned just as location scouting for the shoot. She showed me her office, her closet with her stylish outfits, the favorite coffee shop and the Dutch Bike store with European bicycles she is so fond of. What was planned as a meeting became the shoot itself as Melody was enthusiastic, energetic and playing along, always seizing the moment.  
Photography by Ingrid Pape-Sheldon © 2011
Melody is adventurous and combines a strong business sense with the ability to have a good time - especially with girlfriends. With her  Craveguides she is now exploring - and conquering I believe -  Europe with the first city of Amsterdam. Congratulations to Melody for publishing her first book recently: CRAVING SUCCESS. She openly talks about her successes and failures in running 21 (so far) businesses.  It has plenty of good advice for entrepreneurs. And fun too!!
Her next speaking events will be at the Orlando Spark & Hustle Conference and at the KISSpdx event in Portland

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