Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wisdom, Visibility and Influence of Women in Business: WBE

The Women's Business Exchange -  WBE - is an organization that is close to my heart. I can say it changed my life. I still remember the very first time I went to a monthly breakfast about eight years ago. Early at 7am in the morning I was standing in the door to the big room on the third floor at the WAC and was stunned: Between the big round tables covered with white table clothes, dozens of women were mingling, talking to each other, laughing, connecting. There was something in the air, a fresh energy, that woke me up.
Each time I go there, it happens again. Even if I sometimes have my doubts why I should drag myself out of the house at 6am, as soon as I arrive the energy that is created in the room lifts me up. When I leave after the breakfast I always feel recharged and ready to face the challenges of my business with new energy.
The WBE recently went through a rebranding process. I am proud and honored that I can contribute to the beautiful new design of the website with my images. What I experienced that very first morning - that sparkle in the air -  is something that inspires me to document with my camera again and again.
Check out the website of the WBE. You might want to try out the next breakfast for yourself.  (The breakfast is on the second Thursday of the month from 7am to 9am at the new location of the Women's University Club )

SISTERS & GIRLFRIENDS - Elena and Chiara

Today is International Women's Day. I am thinking of how important women's friendships are with their girlfriends and their sisters....