Monday, February 14, 2011

Seattle Writers of Speculative Fiction

Great shoot with two Seattle writers of speculative fiction for the February issue of Seattle Woman Magazine, Timmi Duchamp and Louise Marley.
Lots of fun to explore the Science Fiction Museum for possible backgrounds. Of course it's also exciting to be in a museum early in the morning before it opens and to have it all to yourself (kind of....)

The initial plan was to photograph Timmi and Louise in the Battlestar Galactica exhibition. But there were so many other colorful spots. The idea was to bring a little of the "speculative" environment into the images. I also got inspired by an article Timmie Duchamp posted on her website about the "Second Self" the writer creates with the "authorial voice" in the story.

Timmi Duchamp

This element of a shifted reality  was something new for me, as my images usually deal with what I find, which means I don't create an artificial reality around the person. But I was inspired by the challenge and the museum provided at each corner colorful light situations.

Louise Marley

Louise is a former opera singer and I found it fascinating how she brought that experience into her writing.
You can read the article by Cat Rambo online in SeattleWoman Magazine. Or look for printed version
Louise Marley's website
A big thank you to Anita Woo, the media contact of the EMP and Science Fiction museum, who was very helpful and generous with her time.

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