Monday, March 10, 2008

Cover Shot: Megan Griffiths, Film Director

Megan Griffiths
Writer and director Megan Griffiths.

The Off Hours, Director and Producers From Left to Right are Off Hours Producers Mischa Jakupcak, Joy Saez, Megan Griffiths and Lacey Leavitt.

Megan with the three women she brought together to produce The Off Hours, a new indie film starring Alicia Silverstone and Aidan Quinn.

Ingrid did this shoot at Randy’s Restaurant, an all-night diner on Seattle's E. Marginal Way and the primary set for the film. It's often frequented by test pilots and crew from nearby Boeing Field and well worth the quick detour off I-5.

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    Congrats to the April 2010 production start. Hope the project goes well! I'm a struggling screenwriter and playwright lost in Seattle and it's not easy in this business. It's nice to see someone making a go of it.

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