Monday, April 2, 2007


Last Monday, I walked to a music performance around 7.15pm on NW 65th street. I love the "Blue Hour", when the sky is darkening but still blue, and the warm yellow lights on the streets and in the windows lighten up. At the Ballard High School, there were some trees in a line full in bloom. It was already quite dark but the blossoms glowed by themselves. The affluence of the blossoms was kind of overwhelming. Walking under them feels like being in a fairy tale. Beauty freely given.

I stopped and took out my camera, in a shy try to "recreate" ("capturing" would be futile here) something that might come close to my perception.




Then I went to the performance of Tuning The Air, which is happening each Monday for several month again. It was beautiful. Jaxie (one of the guitar players) asked me after the performance how it was. I tried to put it into words. "It was strong", was one of the things I said. Walking back through the dark street and the cold air, my words were continuing to do their own thing in my head and developing further what I wanted to express about the music. "It was strong in being gentle and gentle in being strong" came to my mind.

The next morning in waking up the blossoms and the trees appeared in my head and they connected with the music of last night and it hit me. They kind of belonged together, there was something very similar about both of them: being subtle and gentle in the detail and powerful at the same time.

So hard to do, but sometimes it's there, just like a gift.

Spring is Here...

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